The High Wych Gang reunited

The below picture was sent to me by Eric Willison,  Readers of my articles may remember a group of (then) young people members of a local  youth club who were also involved in plays in the village hall.  The High Wych “gang” also often met in the upstairs room at the Hand and Crown.

HIGH WYCH GANG 2015Recently the meanwhile older (and wiser?) gang members met at the Manor of Groves Hotel. I am told they do not mind this photograph being posted here.  Rasing their glasses are:   Back row left to right: Eric Willison, Bob Springham, John Springham, Rosemary Felstead née Springham, Sandra Lant née Helmer,  Carol Springham née Cutting,  Bob Lant, Alec Felstead and Fred Morris.  Front row: Chris Bullock , Sonia Willison née Towers, Ann Morris née Buckley and finally Janet Springham née Needham.      Hand & Crown & High Wych Youth c1960 s

I can’t resist contrasting this with a picture from the olden days!