Walter Richard Webb – Finally some more details

It has been a while since I did anything about first world war research. The internet   being what it is however people contact you out of the blue with questions and with help. That was the case when Gareth Hughes of St. Albans contacted me. Sadly I could not help him with the questions he asked me but the help he gave me set me on the way to finally find out more.

It appears that Walter ended up in Mesopotamia, present day  Iraq where he served with the military police until his death in 1921.

baghdad northgate cemetery

Walter Webb was buried at the Northgate cemetery in Baghdad, I have not been able to find out the exact co-ordinates of his grave.

Having found out all this I amended the list of High Wych WW1 fallen soldiers. You can download it by clicking on the below link.

The first world war in High Wych – The soldiers that did not come back