The Sawbridgeworth Local History Society is looking for volunteers.

First of all a happy, prosperous and peaceful 2017.

I am taking a break from publishing articles in the Link, High Wych’s Parish Magazine this month.  This website needs a bit of updating, particularly older articles. I have also now added some back ground information on the relevant page.

The Sawbridgeworth Local History Society also takes up a lot of my time. The society would like to have its own website and is looking for volunteers who can help. Personally I would prefer it if this could be done using the same software as this site does: WordPress. The society’s needs however has a few requirements that go beyond what is being done here so my own talents will not suffice. Please contact me if you think you can help.


The Society also needs a logo. Possibly this could be a version of the above picture, an emblem which can be found on one of the old alms houses in Sawbridgworth.  Anybody with a bit of graphical talent please contact me! And whilst you are volunteering, what is stopping you joining the society ylourself!

Thank you very much.