Jane Lydia Bird

hw un dated high wych green reducedin the centre of our village are two rows of cottages. One is still referred to as the Helmer & Dyer officeds although that company moved out quite a while ago. The other are known by some as the “pink cottages” although only one of them is now a pinkish white. In the middle is the green where between 1865 and 1919 a pump stood.¬† The picture above was taken around 1911-12. We know that because at HALS a postcard version was found with a date stamp from 19 13. The woman in the picture was Jane Lydia Bird. The boys in the front mst probably her sons.

hw 25 or so jane lydia bird

The second picture  was taken some 10-15 years later and shows the same Jane Lydia Bird in front of her cottage which was the one on the right.