The Oaks of Vimy Ridge – A positive story for Christmas

One of the nice things of having this website is coming in contact with various people inside and outside this country, people who usually have some connection with High Wych.  As a results of these contacts I sometimes rewrite earlier articles. My work as amateur local historian becomes all the more interesting because of this.

A recent example has been my contact with Alan Ward whose family roots do in deed go back to High Wych. His great grandparents were Arthur and Alice Ward who lived in Vicarage Lodge opposite St. James’s Church.  Alan alerted me to a lovely story involving the oak trees from Vimy Ridge.  In these days of gloomy if not disastrous news stories we all need some good news. Click on the below link and perhaps you will feel a bit better.

Thanks go indeed to Alan Ward.

Happy Christmas, Happy New Year,