Saturday 8th November – A date for your diary


Over the last few months a little committee has met in our village pub the Rising Sun. In between downing pints of ale we discussed an upcoming event: a history evening and exhibition which is scheduled for Saturday 8th November at 7 pm.

david crombie  rodgers 002    1916 jack smith 001

You will be able to learn about the young men from Gilston and High Wych who went to war but did not come back. You will be able to look WW1 project work from HW school.  And if all goes  well you will be able to eat WW1 type food and drink WW1 beer.  And whilst we are honouring the fallen, the re is no reason to be glum : We will have a 14-18 singalong.

Entry will be £ 5 per person but those under 18 years of each will be let in free of charge.

We look forward to seeing you.


PS:  In case you are wondering: the two pictures above are of local lads. David Crombie Rodgers, on the left, was a clerk and died in France on 5th October 1916. Jack Smith, the son of the local blacksmith luckily survived the war.