Frankie and Johnny during WW1

Some of you may have read my article regarding the Holden brothers: Ernest John aka Johnny and his brother Joe.  Johnny died at the Somme whilst Joe survived the war but ended up with added damage to his already impaired hearing.

Another recent article dealt with the Nottage sisters: Bessie, Martha and Frances Emily aka Frankie who all joined the VAD, the Voluntary Aid Detachments.

frankie nottage pic found on johnny holden001 ernest john holden - pic sent to frankie nottage001

Well, Frankie and Johnny were sweethearts, or at least they corresponded frequently. Frankie’s photograph was amongst the effects sent back to his family after he perished on 1st July 1914 one of the bloodiest day of that conflict strangely known as the “Great War”

I have decided not yet to publish my WW1 related articles on line. They are however available as PDFs for those who are interested. Just ask, you can now do so once again through the comment function on this website.

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