A mystery to be solved

The above picture and below post it note show the type of mystery a local historian comes across. They were lent to me by the current occupants of the Thatched Cottage who got them from the previous owners. The Thatched Cottage stands opposite the entrance to the Manor Of Groves. The note mentions that the picture shows Zena and Phillys Denis visiting cousins from London and that the baby in the pram is Ron Fish born 28 June 1911.

The main occupant at the Thatched Cottage at the time was Charles ‘Chipper’ Holden a boot and shoe repair man, who lived there with his wife Eliza, his daughter Florence and his brother in law George. The note mentions that Charles had lost a leg in a farming accident in Allens Green. Further research told me that Florence had married a Charles Fish in High Wych on 8 May 1911. Baby Ronald was obviously the first born from that marriage. By 1939 Ron Fish, a carpenter, lived at 2 Mansfield with his grandfather Charles and his mother Florence. In 1940 Ron Fish married Violet Swain (Vi )in High Wych Church. After their wedding Ron and Vi moved to one of the newer council houses in Mansfield where they stayed until 1996 when Ron passed away.

Ron and Vi, had a daughter, Anne, but I have not been able to locate her. I’d love to ‘flesh out’ this story. What happened at that farming accident in Allens Green?   Who was Charles Fish, Ron’s dad?  Did Ron Fish join the army in the second world war (he did have the right age) etc. etc. Help me if you can.