I have not been sitting still

Those who do not live in East Hertforshire and only occasionally visit this website may have been wondering what I have been up to. Indeed I myself just noticed that the most recent post here dates from September last year, some 10 months ago!

In my defence I can say that I have been occupied with my work as chair of the Sawbridgeworth local history society and with writing a book about the way in which the first world war, the Great War, affected our area.

There have been articles publishd in the High Wych Link, our Parish Magazine though. In the last year I have written about High Wych weddings and funerals in the olden days, about Websters N ursery, about an assault at high Wych School back in 1898 and most recently about the congregational church Sawbridgeworth. All these articles are posted on my ‘articles as pdf’ page.  Have a look and if you have not read them already, read them now.

Best wishes,   Theo