The (Rising) Sun High Wych 1834

1834 1230  herts mercury rising sun for sale


Recently I came across an advert from the Herts Mercury, published  in their edition of 30th December 1834.  See above. It tells us that the “well known public house called the Sun together a grocer’s shop” plus a homestead, 7 acres of land and six capital cottages will be auctioned following the bankruptcy of Joseph  Rivers.

A number of questions can now be asked:                                                         1. who was Joseph Rivers?  Was he perhaps related to the Rivers family from the nursery of the same name?                                                      2. Who bought the Sun – Rising  Sun and who became landlords?

It may very well be that I will have to rewrite my Rising Sun article as a result of this find.  I will definitely have to do some extra research. Meanwhile, does anybody have any ideas?

Let me know.  You can do so through the comment function (which now once again works) or through e-mail.

Regards,  Theo